When Is It Time To Get Help?

San Diego Alcohol Rehab
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Individuals who abuse alcohol are more likely to abuse a variety of other substances whether that be prescription or illegal drugs being – cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and marijuana, and more. These components can cause severe bodily injuries and life-threatening side effects that not only negatively affect you but also your loved ones. Drinking and taking drugs can quickly spiral out of control; you may not even know for several months that you are addicted to these substances. This leaves you at risk of potential permanent health complications.

There is a fine line between a person who likes to go out to have fun and go a bit crazy and a casual drinker who likes a glass of wine to calm the craziness of life. Both of these types of consumers of alcohol could be considered an alcoholic as they are both dependent on alcohol in order to either go out or continue with their daily routine.

Addiction Treatment Options

It may be time to consider seeing the different available options that are available to you or your loved one for addiction treatments. These include both:

Outpatient Programs

Inpatient Programs 

Sober Living Homes

Each have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to make sure that you do your research and base your decision on what best meets your needs. For example, outpatient programs are commonly more suited towards mild addicts and follow 10 – 12 hours a week. Whereas inpatient programs or sober living homes are focused more on severe addiction consisting of near-on a full-time commitment.

Bear in mind that each of the addiction treatment centers may have their own policies, so it’s important to check what these are before signing up for any terms and conditions.

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