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Our Team

Southern California addiction treatments’ most dynamic, engaging and professional team.

Addiction recovery can be achieved with the help of our amazing team.

Addiction Treatment San Diego

Shoreline Recovery Center
  • Staff- Kate
    Kate Judd, M.R.C., LAADC
    Program Director
  • Dr. Claudio Cabrejos MD
    Dr. Claudio Cabrejos, MD
    Medical Director
  • Wesley Yu, LMFT
    Wesley Yu, LMFT
    Clinical Supervisor
  • Max Kubota, LMFT
    Max Kubota, LMFT
    Primary Therapist
  • Staff- Jessica
    Jessica Sobel, AMFT
    Primary Therapist
  • Mike Gallager, APCC
    Primary Therapist
  • Lauren Harless, LMFT
  • Staff- Willie
    Willie Judd
    Academic Advisor
  • Staff- Darby
    Darby Hanson
    Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga Instructor
  • Emily Kilbane
    Emily Kilbane
    Certified Nutritionist
  • Kris Nichols
    Facilities Supervisor
  • Jessica Dejulio
    Director of Compliance
  • Aaron Harmon
    Director of Client Care
  • Craig Burson
    Craig Burson
    Director of Business Development
    Mobile: (760) 607-2747
  • Staff- Robert
    Robert Wilson
    CEO / Director of Admissions
    Mobile: (858) 766-1922
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