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Our Philosophy

Our Mission: Helping men reach their highest potential.

Our Values

Each trident prong represents one of our six values for building a strong, balanced, happy, and purposeful life in recovery.
  • Health

    Our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual condition affect our physical well being. We must learn to continuously monitor our emotional, spiritual, and mental states and consciously make healthy choices to refine and cultivate our vital being. Furthermore we directly tend to our physical health. In this way we practice healthy living as way of life.

  • Trust

    We emerge from addiction with walls built from fear of others. No wonder we were so lonely in the end. Our basic human need to form deep relationships with others is a painful void. But strong relationships require deep authenticity, vulnerability, and trust. We realize as we recover that trust is not only possible, but indispensable.

  • Simplicity

    Needless complexity slows our pace, and often leaves us standing still. Rather than languish in frustration and anxiety we simplify our lives. Simplicity breathes new energy into our spirits, freeing up time and unlocking our creative minds. Our ability to focus sharpens, our pace quickens, and our efforts produce better outcomes.

  • Growth & Learning

    Learning is a lifelong process, not to be confined to our adolescence. We have found new footing and see continued learning and growth as an opportunity, rather than a painful necessity. Continued growth allows us to expand our capacity to provide a meaningful impact on the world and its people.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is built on honesty, honor, and accountability. We strive for more of these qualities, and in doing so, begin to build character. Often we will come up short. When we are dishonest, or break our commitments, we accept that we will be held accountable by ourselves and our peers. Self-esteem is the prize for those who live with integrity.

  • Grit

    Courage in the face of emotional disturbances, setbacks, and fear. This is what it means to have grit. The principals we have learned give us the strength to walk through fire unscathed. The behavior of others does not shape the actions of a man with grit, he acts courageously when others do not.